Wednesday 25 May 2022
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EU agriculture wants to monitor trade and tariffs along the entire food chain

The European Agriculture Ministers believe that guidelines should be drawn up on a EU scale for trade agreements on tariffs, prices and fair trade throughout the food chain. The sales prices in the supermarkets must also become part of this, argued several EU countries at the LNV Council of Ministers in Brussels on Monday.

Work is already underway on a directive (UTP) against unfair commercial practices, but an initial draft is, according to many ministers, still too non-committal. Farmers' incomes should not be the final element in such price agreements. 

French minister Julian Denormandie (who will be LNV chairman in the EU for the next six months) said that France already has a far-reaching food + price system with their Egalim system, and that he places a high value on 'fair trade and fair prices for a fair product'. has his agenda. 

The LNV ministers also approved an emergency plan on Monday afternoon to protect the food supply against future crises, such as a covid pandemic. But the protection rules can also be used in the event of natural disasters, outbreaks of animal diseases and economic threats.

That is why a new EU institute will be set up to monitor and regulate all of this. The Netherlands has no objections to this, because according to The Hague, the export of agricultural products must ultimately not be endangered.


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