Italian farmers will soon also be able to sell electricity from solar panels

Italian farmers can now also sell the self-generated electricity from their solar panels to energy companies. Italian Agriculture Minister Stefano Patuanelli confirmed this to EU Commissioner Wojciechowski during the LNV ministerial meeting last week.

The EU recently announced a new energy plan largely funded by released grants from the major corona recovery fund. This should, among other things, enable farmers to sell renewable energy to European electricity networks. 

This could give European farmers who install solar panels on a large scale a new source of income. It would also help reduce demand for other types of energy, including natural gas, in the wake of the Russia-Ukraine war. 

In March, Minister Patuanelli signed a decree providing 1.5 billion euros for renewable energy in eight regions of southern Italy. Before the decree, Italian farmers were allowed to produce solar energy for their own use, but were not allowed to feed excess energy back into the electricity grid. 

According to Patuanelli staff, the right to resell the solar electricity will be included in the European Union's Common Agricultural Policy (EU), which will be discussed from July and come into force in January 2023.