EU Court: Poland discriminates against dismissal of & #8216; tricky judges & #8217;

General view of the Kirchberg Plateau in Luxembourg - European Investment Bank (EIB) and Law Court

Poland has been convicted of discrimination by the European Court of Justice. The Polish government had tried & #8216; tricky judges & #8217; eliminate them by early retirement.

According to a controversial Polish law, female judges and prosecutors must retire at the age of 60, while men with the age of 65 receive retirement. The European court says that the law violates the law on equal treatment.

The European Commission has already initiated proceedings against undermining the independence of the judiciary in Poland. In June, the EU was already right in the Luxembourg court over another illegal Polish law. The European Commission speaks in response to an important judgment for the independence of the judiciary in Poland.

Meanwhile, a European Court of Justice ruling on 19 November is eagerly awaited. Then comes a judgment on a new law from the Polish government, in which judges can be punished if they are politically & #8216; wrong & #8217; make statements. According to the European Commission, this new law poses a great danger to the independence of the Polish constitutional state.

In addition to the court cases before the European Court, there is also a so-called Article 7 procedure against Poland. Ultimately, this procedure can lead to the country losing its voting rights. This requires unanimity among the member states.