Lost your driver's license sooner; soon also in the other EU countries

The European Parliament believes that revocation of a driving license should also apply in the other EU countries. Now this is only valid in the country where the authorities have imposed it. The EU politicians also believe that driving privileges should be denied for more serious traffic violations.

If a driver loses his license after a traffic violation, that sanction currently in most cases only applies in the country where the violation was committed, and does not entail any restrictions elsewhere in the EU.

To ensure that the suspension, restriction or revocation of the driving license is applied in all EU countries, the new rules require that this decision is from now on communicated to the EU country that issued the driving licence.

In addition, serious traffic violations, such as excessive speeding or drunk driving, should also lead to driving bans throughout the EU, MEPs said on Tuesday.

EP members are also advocating a lower speed limit for residential areas, meaning that driving above 30 km/h on those roads could result in a driver losing their license or having it temporarily suspended.

The new rules are part of the road safety package that the European Commission presented in March 2023. It also includes the cross-border exchange of information on traffic violation rules, which are currently being negotiated with the Transport Ministers of the 27 EU countries. 

Because they have not yet agreed, the package of proposals must be finalized by the new European Parliament and the new European Commission after the June elections.