Dutch MEPs ask for support for fisheries

Fishermen must receive financial support because of the increasing fuel prices. And the environmentally friendly pulse trawl method should be allowed again. This is the appeal made by four Dutch MEPs Peter van Dalen (Christian Union), Annie Schreijer-Pierik (CDA), Bert-Jan Ruissen (SGP) and Jan Huitema (VVD).

Fishing fuel prices have been on the rise for some time now and have risen to unprecedented levels due to the Russian war in Ukraine. For many fishermen, their fishing is gradually no longer profitable.

Van Dalen: “If fishermen are forced to stop, many people will miss out on their sustainable and healthy food. Given the fuel prices, the reintroduction of energy-efficient fishing gears such as the pulse trawl is necessary. An additional advantage of this is that the climate objectives can be achieved more easily.”

Ruissen agrees: “Special times require special measures. The EU must, among other things, quickly allow the pulse trawl technology again. We must prevent Europe from becoming dependent on imported fish from distant continents.”

Schreijer-Pierik adds: “Food security is one of the priorities of the EU. Especially given the serious situation with Ukraine. On the one hand, we must now counteract rising fuel prices and provide direct financial support, on the other hand, we must reintroduce pulse.”

Huitema also emphasizes the importance of food security: “The war in Ukraine shows how fragile our food supply can be. We must strike while it is hot and allow innovations such as pulse fishing that contribute to our food production.”