NATO and EU discuss UN mission in border region Turkey and northern Syria

SEDE Subcommittee - Military cooperation

The Defense Ministers of the NATO countries are discussing a German proposal to establish an international security zone in the border region of Syria and Turkey. The plan of the German minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer would mean that a UN force would be sent to northern Syria.

NATO boss Stoltenberg says he has discussed the plan with the German minister. The Netherlands is not immediately enthusiastic. The Americans say that they would appreciate it if European countries do more in the region, but that Americans do not want to send soldiers themselves. How big the blue helmet mission should be, the German minister has not yet made clear.

Stoltenberg admits that the situation is complex. But nevertheless points to the strength of the cooperation that NATO as a whole has and the successes achieved through the body. This topic has also been discussed with the Turks at various levels.

It is also not yet clear whether such a European or international mission should replace the current Turkish-Russian operation in northern Syria, which is aimed at expelling Kurdish militia.

The European Parliament has called for sanctions and visa bans for Turkish officials responsible for human rights violations in northern Syria. In a resolution, parliamentarians also ask to consider economic sanctions against Turkey and to suspend trade benefits for Turkish agricultural products.

The European Parliament in Strasbourg strongly condemns the Turkish military intervention and calls for a security zone in northern Syria under the supervision of the United Nations. The parliament rejects the Turkish plans for & #8220; a so-called security zone & #8221; on the northeastern border and fears a & #8220; legalized Turkish occupation & #8221; of this zone. The parliament also points to the danger of IS reviving, given the reports of hundreds of escaped Syrian fighters.