Friday, October 7, 2022
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Polish grain trade fears arrival of cheap Ukrainian exports

Polish agricultural organizations believe that better agreements should be made with Ukraine and the European Union about easing the export of Ukrainian grain. We must ensure that subsidized Ukrainian grain, destined for markets in Africa and the Middle East, does not end up on European markets, Polish grain traders said. 

At the beginning of this week, Polish businesses held talks with a delegation from the European Parliament's Agriculture Committee, which paid a working visit to five Polish-Ukrainian border crossings.

In addition to increasing military aid to Ukraine, food security is now the most pressing issue. We need to discuss how to avoid a food crisis near the European Union, said delegation leader Norbert Lins, chairman of the European Parliament's Agriculture Committee.

One of the most urgent tasks is to organize an efficient export from Ukraine. The process must not disrupt the Polish and European markets, grain transport must continue to the markets of the Middle East and Africa, the EP members also said at a press conference in Rzeszów, Poland afterwards. We do not want the European market to be flooded with cheaper grain from Ukraine.

Grain trade in Poland's domestic grain market is currently very unstable, with significant discrepancies in the prices offered by buyers and the rates expected by sellers, the Polish Grain and Feed Chamber reported.

Viktor Szmulewicz, the chairman of the National Council of Polish Chambers of Agriculture, has now asked Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki to intervene. To avoid congestion at the Ukrainian-Polish border, several problems need to be solved. 

Lithuanian ports, for example in Klaipeda, are ready to handle Ukrainian grain and its onward transport, but this also requires improving infrastructure on the Polish-Lithuanian border.


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