Wednesday 25 May 2022
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Protest by MEPs against extradition of Chinese Uyghur

Uyghur Idris Hassan, who lives in Morocco, is extradited to China. That was decided this week by the Moroccan Court of Cassation.

The Dutch PvdA MEP Thijs Reuten has asked EU foreign affairs chief Joseph Borrell to once again urge the Moroccan authorities not to extradite Idris. According to Reuten, he is in danger if he comes into Chinese hands.

Last week, Reuten, along with 11 MEPs from four political groups in the European Parliament, sent a letter to the EU ambassador in Morocco asking that everything possible be done in consultation with the Moroccan authorities to avoid extradition to China. Unfortunately, it turned out this week that he will be extradited after all.

“Beijing's long arm reaches far beyond China where Uyghurs are intimidated. Requesting extradition via Interpol by using a Red Notice is mainly intended to be able to apprehend internationally wanted criminals.

China's tinkering with the search messages should alert iedereen. In addition, a controversial Chinese appointment was recently made to Interpol and I fear that pressure has also been exerted on Morocco behind the scenes," Reuten said in a response to the extradition.


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