Van de Sparrentak happy with support for approach to 'false self-employed'

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The European Parliament wants platform workers, such as Uber drivers or Deliveroo deliverers, better working conditions and social protection bieden. The European Parliament believes that the European Commission should establish that platform workers are not 'your own boss' but ordinary salaried employees, with the right to wages, sick leave and insurance.

Uber drivers and Deliveroo deliverers now work as freelancers, while they can't control how they do their job and what the price of their service is. That is why the Dutch court ruled earlier this week that Uber must hire its drivers.

GroenLinks MEP Kim van Sparrentak negotiated the new proposals: “We are thus taking a major step in abolishing 'false self-employment'. We are not going to let platforms dictate how and whether employees get rights or not.”

“This lawsuit in the Netherlands is just one of more than 100 lawsuits in Europe, where the platform workers almost always win. Politicians must now take their responsibility, because the platforms are ready with an army of lawyers and, even after the many lost court cases, do not intend to change on their own. In Europe, we can take a stand against these large platforms together.”

The European Commission will present a bill in December, which the European Parliament and the EU countries will then negotiate. Van Sparrentak will negotiate the legislation on behalf of the European Greens.

PvdA MEP Agnes Jongerius is also satisfied with the new proposals. “Platform workers should be given the same protection as any other employee and the platforms should follow the same rules as any other company. We now reverse the burden of proof. Platform workers automatically become employees and will no longer have to claim their rights individually. The platform worker no longer has to go to court, but the platform," Jongerius said in a press release.