EU gives Britten one more day for Brexit

Photo by Frederick Tubiermont on Unsplash

The European Union gives Great Britain one day to come up with workable proposals for a departure scheme. There must be an agreement on legal texts about the Brexit by tomorrow morning at the latest, otherwise no agreement can be reached at a EU summit in Brussels later in the week. EU negotiator Michel Barnier said that on Tuesday in Luxembourg to the EU ministers.

The most recent British proposals on some free trade agreement for Northern Ireland are still insufficient, says Barnier. If an agreement is to be reached, the Member States and the European Parliament must be informed by Wednesday at the latest.

Barnier made his statements before catching up with EU ministers. The Dutch minister Stef Blok (Foreign Affairs) agreed that a deal is still possible. According to him, the British have made concessions, but not enough.

The European summit on Thursday and Friday may not have a ready-made proposal for discussion yet, as Irish minister Simon Coveney said to Irish media. The EU has already made agreements about a British retirement with Prime Minister Johnson's predecessor, Theresa May. However, despite repeated attempts, she was unable to guide that deal through the Lower House and resigned.

On Thursday, the leaders of the EU countries in Brussels will discuss the Brexit, among other things, and then there should be an agreement. If that does not work out, then a new summit may follow later this month in which a new deferment of the brexit may be discussed. In that case, the question is whether the British are going to ask for a new delay, or whether the EU will offer a longer delay. 

The EU does not want to give the impression that it is preventing or delaying a British departure, but it does make it a condition that any delay must lead to something, for example a new referendum or early British parliamentary elections.

Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson has repeatedly vowed that he will remove his country from the European Union on 31 October, but his party has already printed election pamphlets that apparently do not assume this. Johnson said on Monday at the lower house that & #8220; it is absolutely crucial to perform the brexit on October 31 & #8221 ;.

But according to the BBC, the party has pamphlets ready against the Brexit Party of Nigel Farage, which should be used after the 31st. There is a picture of Farage on it with the message that he only ensures a longer delay and no majority can get a brexit. The suggestion is that the moment the elections are held, the Brexit is postponed and that only the Conservatives can seal the departure from EU. Elections can be held at the end of November at the earliest.