EU not yet even about inspections for a new driver's license

The transport ministers of the 27 EU countries and the European Parliament's Transport Committee do not yet agree on many aspects with each other and with the European Commission on new EU driving license rules. As a result, it has not yet been determined whether and how a European digital driving license will be introduced, and whether people over 70 will have to undergo a medical examination when renewing their driving licence.

Earlier last week, both ministers and the parliamentary committee discussed the Commission proposal presented in March. It turned out that the EU countries want to maintain their own criteria for the renewal of driving licenses for seniors, including the option (as in the Netherlands) to do this yourself in writing via an internet application. The EP parliamentary committee, on the other hand, believes that a real doctor's note is necessary.

However, there is agreement between ministers and the European Parliament that a driving license should be valid for 15 years, except for the elderly. There should also be stricter rules for young people who have had a driving license for less than two years. Unsafe driving behavior and alcohol behind the wheel are punished more severely for them.

The age limit for the 'large' driver's license for trucks will be lowered from 21 to 18 years, provided that the young people have passed an aptitude test in advance. Ministers and parliament are thus responding to an urgent request from the transport sector, which is struggling with a major shortage of drivers.

In a maximum of seven years, there will also be a digital driver's license, available on smartphones, which can also be used for age identification. The EU countries must use a EU registration procedure for this. However, physical driving licenses also remain valid. From 2033, the European driving license in the form of a bank card will be mandatory and the paper version will disappear.

The intention is that the EU Council of Transport Ministers and the EP Transport Committee will agree in their trilo consultations in the coming months on a joint position on both wish lists, and to include it in the European Commission's previous proposal .