Sunday 29 May 2022
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Geschiedenis TV about fabrications of Boris Johnson as EU correspondent

The Dutch public broadcaster NTR will broadcast a television program on Wednesday evening about the lies, fabrications and fantasy messages of the then British correspondent Boris Johnson at the European Union in Brussels. The current British Prime Minister was stationed at the EU from 1989 to 1994 as a reporter for the sensation newspaper Daily Telegraph.

The Dutch historian and program maker Hans Goedkoop looks into the program & #8216; Andere Tijden & #8217; (NTR / VPRO) back to this time. This history program is known for the thorough and substantiated review of previous events.

Between 1989 and 1994, Boris Johnson worked as EU correspondent in Brussels for The Daily Telegraph. The history magazine shows how he did his job as a journalist. There is an overview of the most unlikely & #8216; news & #8217; from Brussels which Johnson reported at the time.

The then Europe correspondent sucked various & #8216; EU proposals & #8217 for his newspaper. out of his thumb. Johnson reported that the European Union wants to introduce a standard length condom. But that would be too small for the British and too large for the Italians. The correspondent also comes up with EU plans for a ban on crooked cucumbers and an obligation for British fishermen to wear hair nets.

His articles sparked the anti-European mood in England. During the referendum in 2016 on whether or not to leave the EU, anti-EU politicians used the rhetoric that had been poured out over Britain by many British tabloids for many years.

Johnson, who often manifested noisily in Brussels at press conferences, was not very popular with politicians, spokespersons and fellow journalists. But his readers feasted on his articles. Dutch and British former colleague & #8217; s from the conservative prime minister speak in the Dutch television program.

In his own words, Johnson would rather be found dead in a ditch than postponing the British farewell to the EU. The date of October 31 was sacred to him. But the renewed delay came and the British now elect a new parliament on December 12. General elections are taking place for the third time in four years.


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