EU monitors prices and the market for gardeners and growers

Photo by Maja Petric on Unsplash

The European Commission launched a market observatory for the fruit and vegetable sector at the end of last week. This system of registrations must ensure more transparency in the market. Fruit and vegetables account for around a quarter of the production value of agriculture and horticulture in the European Union.

The market observatory offers up-to-date information on prices, production and trade in the sector. In addition, market analyzes are made regularly and forecasts are made for developments in the short and medium term. There are regular consultations with experts.

The European Union focuses on hard fruit, citrus fruit, stone fruit and tomatoes. The European Union already has a comparable registration system for arable crops, sugar, meat and milk. Soon there will also be a & #8217; n platform for wine. With the observatories, the European Commission wants to ensure more transparency and insight into the market for farmers and horticulturists.

After the launch of crops, sugar, meat and milk observatories, the fruit and vegetables sector is the last to benefit from its own observatory. It is closely followed by one for the wine market, which will be launched on November 4.