Polish dairy exports yielded significantly less

According to the Polish Milk Chamber, the turnover from dairy production last year was about ten percent lower than last year, and the prospects for next year are also not favorable.

According to preliminary data, the value of dairy product exports from Poland in the January-October period amounted to 2.83 billion euros, which was 9% lower compared to the same period last year. The positive trade balance amounted to 1.43 billion euros, 13% lower. 

Sales of dairy products to EU countries generated 67% of revenue (1.9 billion euros, down from 15.5%). The main recipients were Germany (18%, 503 million euros), the Czech Republic (7% – 190 million euros) and Italy (5% – 143 million euros). 

The share of non-EU countries accounted for 33% of the value of dairy product exports from Poland. Export income amounted to €936 million and was 8% higher than a year earlier.  

The largest share of Polish exports went to Great Britain (5% – 142 million euros), Algeria (5 % of export value – 137 million euros), Ukraine (3% – 95 million euros), China (3% – 76 million euros) and Saudi Arabia (2% – 53 million euros).

In November 2023, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics, the registered milk purchase amounted to 981.4 million liters and was 2.1% higher than in November 2022 and 3.0% lower than the purchase a month ago.

The net milk purchase price in November 2023 was 48 euros/100 liters and was 5.9% higher compared to the previous month, but still almost a quarter (23.4%) lower than a year ago. 

President Agnieszka Maliszewska of the Polish Milk Chamber expects that 2024 will bring further serious challenges for the dairy sector. 'We will face even higher production costs and the costs of new legal regulations, for example those related to the deposit system, green transformation and sustainable production and many other aspects, the impact of which will be borne not only by processors, but also by consumers felt," she said in her end-of-year message.