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Some EU countries are still struggling with a higher budget

The number of EU countries that do not want to increase the multi-annual budget from 2021 to 2027 for the EU is increasing. Sweden, Austria and Denmark join the Dutch and German opposition to the increase. This threatens a confrontation in European decision-making between EU governments, the European Commission and the European Parliament.

These five countries do not want to spend more than 1 percent of the combined European income in the next seven years, as was shown in Luxembourg where the EU finance ministers met for two days. The European Commission believes that the multi-annual budget should be increased to 1.11 percent, and the European Parliament even considers 1.3 percent necessary.

According to Austrian minister Eduard Müller, the EU cannot ignore this 'coalition of five net payers'. "If the British leave the EU, we finance 40 percent of the European household. That situation must be taken into account. ”The Commission and the European Parliament believe that more tasks and more work (climate policy, environment!) Also require more budget.

Dutch minister Wopke Hoekstra said that 1 percent of the combined economies is "more than sufficient". At the same time, the multiannual financial framework (MFF) needs to be modernized urgently, he said. "Let's start with the 21st century, with themes such as innovation, climate change and border control."

According to EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger (budget), the budget must grow to meet all the wishes of the member states, he warned Wednesday in Brussels. The EU member states must unanimously agree on the mfk.

The prime ministers and presidents of the EU countries must be at their top at 17 & #8211; Take a position on 18 October on any budget increase The agenda for that meeting also includes the possible UK departure from EU, the appointment of a new French candidate for the European Commission.


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