Ukrainian export of chicken breast + bone from now on legally to EU market

Photo by chatnarin pramnapan on Unsplash

The almost unlimited import of Ukrainian poultry meat comes to an end. The Association Agreement with the Eastern European country is amended so that the free import of chicken breast fillets is partly restricted, but also partly maintained.

That should put an end to the wave of cheap Ukrainian chicken meat that floods the European market through a trick. Ukraine may export 50 million kilos more chicken breast rate-free to the EU, but from now on chicken breasts with a small piece of bone are also included.

By cutting chicken breasts in a special way, with wing and skin attached, the Ukrainians used a loophole to get kilos more chicken breasts into the EU than the 20,000 tons agreed in 2014. Chicken breast with a piece of wing on it could be entered unlimited in the EU.

After Dutch MEPs had sounded the alarm about this, the European Commission entered into negotiations with the government in Kiev about adjusting the treaty.

In a resolution adopted by 444 votes in favor, 128 votes against and 74 abstentions, Parliament called on Ukraine to cooperate sincerely and to ensure "thorough, loyal and meticulous implementation" of the agreement. The politicians add that the EU standards for food safety and health cannot be negotiated.