Sunday 6 December 2020
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European Parliament grumbles about lower budget and curtails future

The European Commission believes that the agreement of the European leaders on a new EU budget and the corona fund shows that the European Union can respond quickly and adequately. According to Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, the agreement proves that the EU also finds “the courage and imagination” to think big ”in a crisis.

But leaders have cut, cut and slipped into the plans of the European Commissioners. Matters that are important to the European Commission have to do with sometimes many millions less than they had proposed. Health care and migration, among other things, are getting off the ground, notes Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, immediately after the 27 European leaders had agreed. She points out that plans only started a few months ago.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel expects “very difficult discussions” with the European Parliament, which is yet to consider the hard-won compromise. Looking for an agreement that iedereen could live with, the leaders of the 27 EU member states have cut, cut or unrecognized all kinds of plans attached to the EU parliament. If the European Parliament wants to see changes in the agreement, everything may come back into question.

The European Parliament will meet on Thursday about the agreement of the 27 heads of government, who have further cut the Commission's budget proposal, including by increasing their own annual rebates, cutting them in future plans, and cutting financial reserves. On the contrary, Parliament is aware that it wanted a much higher EU budget, with higher national contributions to the EU.

Parliament President David Sassoli said on Tuesday that European citizens expect an agreement to deliver on this historic moment (after Brexit, in the midst of the corona crisis). "We are concerned about a future where European solidarity and the common approach will disappear.

The European Parliament's priorities are clear. We expect these to be realized. The multi-annual EU budget should respond to the main challenges facing Europe in the medium term, such as the Green Deal, digitization, economic resilience and the fight against inequality, ”said Sassoli.

GroenLinks is satisfied that the heads of government have agreed on the European multi-year budget and the corona repair fund. A final deal is only there if the European Parliament also agrees. According to GroenLinks MEP Bas Eickhout, there is still a lot of room for improvement.

“The ambition for a green and joint recovery from the corona crisis has been adjusted downwards. A modern budget that stands up for the climate and the rule of law has weakened, partly due to the wrong priorities of Prime Minister Rutte. The European Parliament must now fight for that. ”

PvdA MEP Agnes Jongerius criticized the mainly financial Dutch approach: “Prime Minister Rutte worships the golden calf: short-sighted self-interest has ensured that he has done essential things such as sustainability and innovation in the sale. Furthermore, he does not attach much value to the rule of law and democracy.

Unfortunately, Rutte does act as a net payer, but he does not mention how much we benefit from the EU. The Netherlands benefits greatly from the EU and the euro. As a tax haven, we also dupe other European countries. Rutte's attitude will continue to be diplomatic for a long time.

It is therefore impossible to explain that, especially due to the attitude of the miserly four, the agreement is at the expense of reforms. Countries that do not respect the rule of law seem to get away with it again. It is precisely now that a discount on sustainability, development cooperation and innovation cannot be explained, says Jongerius.


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