Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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Skimmed gas profits also for support for agriculture and greenhouse horticulturists

The cabinet may also use the skimmed mega profits of the energy companies for subsidies for small entrepreneurs in agriculture or glasshouse horticulture. The European Commission says that the governments of the EU countries can largely decide for themselves how much they allocate to support households or small and medium-sized enterprises.

In order to make this targeted support for large gas users possible, the European competition and competition rules are being jeopardized. Brussels says that unusual times call for unusual solutions. Recently, most fertilizer factories have virtually shut down their production and more and more entrepreneurs in Dutch greenhouse horticulture are also shrinking because of the extremely high gas prices.

Climate Commissioner Frans Timmermans and Energy Commissioner Kadrie Simson announced their proposal for a EU energy emergency package in Strasbourg on Wednesday. This means that all EU countries have to redistribute the surplus profits of their energy companies.

The EU citizens must also save at least five percent energy. In addition, the EU will accelerate the switch to sustainable energy (more solar and wind energy).

Vice-President Timmermans pointed out in a press interview with Dutch reporters in the corridors in Strasbourg that the Dutch are already well ahead in cutting back on their electricity and gas consumption in the EU. The European Parliament supports the proposal to accelerate the use of renewable energy and reduce energy consumption. 

A majority voted Wednesday to increase the use of renewable energy sources. By 2030, 45 percent of total consumption must be renewable. With the help of innovation, the transport sector must emit sixteen percent less greenhouse gases. In industry, sustainable energy consumption must also increase every year.

There has been a lot of debate recently about cutting down trees for so-called biomass, which causes deforestation. MEPs have therefore passed amendments to phase out most woody biomass fuels as renewable energy.


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