Tuesday December 1, 2020
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British farmers fear customs and transport chaos for EU exports

More than 30 UK organizations, representing the organic sector as well as the meat processing industry and agricultural unions, have expressed deep concern in a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson about the future, should there be no trade agreement between Britain and the European Union in the near future. Union is coming.

The meat industry, organic food exporters and farmers warn of a disastrous situation for British agricultural products in danger of losing their access to the European Union.

In addition, British hauliers have said that freight traffic will face massive traffic jams from 7,000 trucks for the ferries from Dover to Calais, as every load will have to be checked. It may be necessary to wait for EU permits in separate mega car parks elsewhere in England. Importers of fresh goods fear waiting times of two days.

There are other issues that would arise in the absence of a trade agreement, such as the requirement for carriers for special permits from the Department of Transportation. UK industry sources have raised the possibility that the UK would have to comply with EU regulations limiting driving times in order to access EU roads, the BBC reports.

The British Meat Processors Association (BMPA) recently warned that 'blatant weaknesses' in UK export plans are putting billions in annual meat exports at risk, along with thousands of jobs. In a boldly worded statement, the UK meat industry says it has "lost patience" with the government and calls on it to resolve the outstanding issues before it is too late.

BMPA chief Nick Allen said: “After months of meetings and talks with the government, the UK meat industry, along with other sectors dependent on overseas trade, have lost patience and we are publicly calling on the government to address these issues quickly. before it's too late.

“With less than four months to go, Britain is woefully short of infrastructure and personnel to operate the new export system. Failure to do so will result in massive delays, additional costs and canceled orders. ”

Worldwide sales of UK organic products are approaching 100 billion pounds and the UK is the world's ninth largest organic market. Unless equal organic standards are included in a new customs treaty, the UK will not have significant trade with the EU countries by the end of this year.

In theory, the British government can still ask the EU to extend the current 'transition period' by a few months, so that a full customs and trade agreement can first be concluded. Johnson had said earlier that he could negotiate favorable trade deals with Australia, Japan and the United States, but that has not yet been successful.


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