Saturday 15 May 2021
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German farmers: people, animals, food and climate in one article of the constitution

The German Farmers' Association DBV believes that the State has a duty of care not only for human and animal life, but also for food security and climate protection.

The four concepts of humans, animals, food and climate must be included in one article in the Constitution, according to the DBV. A new Future Vision argues for a new partnership between food and agriculture.

The new DBV Future Vision is primarily a step towards German politics, barely four months before the Bundestag elections at the end of September. The memorandum also appears at a time of great uncertainty among many German farmers; Within the agricultural sectors there are increasingly conflicts of interest and differences of opinion.

The concept presented Wednesday is also seen as a 'counter-opinion' and 'alternative' to the report of the so-called Agricultural Commission for the Future (ZKL). This committee was set up by Chancellor Angela Merkel and will make recommendations for a sustainable agricultural system in June. This committee is expected to come up with some far-reaching recommendations.

DBV chairman Rukwied emphasized that with its future concept the DBV does not want to compete with the possible recommendations of the ZKL, but that the agricultural sector is an impetus for more intensive discussion and better orientation.

In German politics, there is currently a lot of debate about a new animal welfare law (from SPD environment minister Svenja Scholze) and a new Agriculture law (from CDU-LNV minister Julia Klöckner). It is already clear that agricultural affairs will be an important part of the German election campaign.

“We German farmers not only produce high-quality and safe food, but bieden also provide numerous services in the field of the environment, climate and biodiversity. However, we farmers are increasingly under pressure from the current political and economic framework. Many farmers now have doubts about the sustainability of agriculture in Germany. That has to change again, ”Rukwied continues.

The proposal includes that the State makes more money available for agriculture and livestock, but that no obligations are imposed on production methods. Requirements for increased biodiversity in agriculture and forest management should only be implemented voluntarily, it is emphasized.

Given the numerous challenges that German agriculture currently faces, DBV chairman Rukwied is convinced that this concept can be an important step for the future of agriculture: “We need clear commitments that agriculture, food security and sustainability are inextricably linked. to be. With our concept we want to take a step towards the future of agriculture. "


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