Saturday 16 January 2021
Home International Switzerland has the most protective forests in Europe

Switzerland has the most protective forests in Europe

The wood stock in European forests has increased by more than ten billion cubic meters of wood over the past thirty years.

As a result, carbon storage in European nature is also increasing. In the new Green Deal climate policy, the EU tries to stimulate the planting of trees and the creation of new forests.

Switzerland has the most trees on the European continent, as the new edition of the report “State of Europe's Forests 2020” shows. But Switzerland also produces a lot of nitrogenous air pollution from fuel combustion, industry, transport and agriculture.

In southern Switzerland, ozone levels are record-breaking, as the Research Institute for Forests, Snow and Landscape (WSL) announces in its report, which is published every five years. In addition, 24 mammal species and 22 forest bird species are endangered in Swiss forests.

The authors attribute increasing wood resources in Europe to several factors, such as lower prices from wood sales and increased public awareness of the importance of intact forests.

However, the authors also point out that the quality of the forests is generally deteriorating. The causes are mainly pests, diseases, fires and storms.


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