The Netherlands wants fast trains from whole EU to the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam

Photo by Daniel Abadia on Unsplash

The Dutch transport and transport authorities have called on European railway companies to use special trains for the Eurovision Song Contest, in Rotterdam next year. There is also a plea for broader European train cooperation at other major European events.

In order to make extra direct trains to Rotterdam possible, the Dutch railway manager is introducing a special counter for transporters and carriers to bundle the entire European train route at special events.

Direct trains to destinations such as Barcelona, Milan, Prague, Vienna and Munich are being considered for the Eurovision Song Contest. But Moscow and Stockholm are also possible.

State Secretary Van Veldhoven supports the idea of railway manager ProRail. For short distances within Europe, the train should not only become the most sustainable, but above all the most attractive option, she believes. This is already the case on some connections; fans of the Eurovision song contest who come from Paris will soon be in the center of Rotterdam within three hours.

The Netherlands previously decided that air traffic should be curtailed, starting with very short distances. The flights from Amsterdam to Brussels have already been designated for this, and there is also talk of 'less flying and more trains' between Amsterdam and London.

Rail operator ProRail hopes that the expansion of cooperation with European carriers will be a success in the Eurovision Song Contest, so that it can be repeated elsewhere in Europe at other events such as Formula 1 car races or the EK2020 football championships.