Friday, July 1, 2022
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EU import now also a year without agricultural levies from Moldova

Soon, more plums, grapes and other agricultural products from Moldova will enter European markets duty-free. The European Commission plans improved market access...

UN summit: current food crisis will soon become a 'true catastrophe' due to war

The current food crisis many countries are facing due to the Russian war in Ukraine could turn into a veritable "catastrophe" next year....

Germany starts with its own animal welfare vignette; first for pigs

German Agriculture Minister Cem Özdemir presented the framework for a German animal welfare label on food packaging. It starts with the pork industry and…

The world could double the cultivation of potatoes in the next ten years

Potatoes could contribute even more to global food security, and their total production could double in the next 10 years. That...

EU eases customs process to accelerate Ukrainian exports

The European Parliament has approved the temporary suspension of EU import duties on Ukrainian products, in order to boost the country's exports.

EU, G7 and FAO will also monitor fertilizers in addition to food

The agriculture ministers of the rich western industrialized countries and the European Union promised to take action this weekend against the scarcity and...

G7 and EU try to keep Ukraine export routes open

The seven richest western industrialized countries and the European Union want to ensure that Ukraine remains a major grain exporter despite the Russian invasion.

UN soil report: increasing drought 'wake-up call' for Europe

Globally, drought has increased by almost a third in the past twenty years. Both the number of droughts and their duration...

Production of agricultural machinery stalls due to criminal computer hack

Due to a computer hack by criminals at the parent company of several large tractor factories, part of the production has come to a standstill. The attempt...

Germany wants G7 help to keep Ukrainian ports open

German agriculture minister Cem Özdemir wants to engage the seven rich western industrialized countries (G7) to boost the export of Ukrainian grain.


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