Wednesday, March 29, 2023
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The Netherlands also limits technology sales to Chinese industry

The Netherlands and Japan, together with the United States, will limit the sale of semiconductor machines to China. As a result, the Chinese cannot themselves manufacture the necessary high-tech chips that Beijing needs for military equipment. 

News agency Bloomberg reports that American, Dutch and Japanese officials have agreed in Washington on a new set of limits on exports of such equipment to Chinese companies.

Two weeks ago, US President Joe Biden already urged Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte that Dutch technology manufacturer ASML would stop selling so-called deep-ultraviolet lithography machines to China. Japan will now also impose similar export limits on Nikon. 

In the three countries are the main companies that produce such equipment. US manufacturers have complained that the Biden administration's unilateral export freeze imposed in October allowed their foreign competitors to continue operating in the Chinese market.

Beijing filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization in December seeking the lifting of export controls imposed by the US. Even ASML's CEO has warned that the United States campaign could have unintended consequences. 

Recently, ASML chief Peter Wennink said that the export control measures against China advocated by the US may eventually lead Beijing to develop its own technology for advanced chips. 


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