British Prime Minister: Fewer windmills and solar parks in rural areas

The British government of the new Prime Minister Liz Tuss wants to protect a larger part of English farmland from the construction of large sunscreen meadows and wind farms. Environment Minister Ranil Jayawardena has ordered his officials to expand the definition of valuable farmland, The Guardian newspaper reported. 

Farmland in England is divided into five categories. Until now, some natural agricultural properties have been exclusively intended for agricultural use. That will be expanded, is the intention. This would connect solar parks on 58 percent of England's farmland. 

Prime Minister Truss has repeatedly criticized the sight of solar panels on farmland. She also says that solar meadows and wind farms stand in the way of expanding Britain's own food autonomy.

At her Conservative Party's annual meeting, she put climate activists on its "anti-growth coalition" list. Jayawardena's plans have been criticized by some ministries as well as environmental groups. 

Industry association Solar Energy UK said solar energy is not a threat but a rescue, especially given the current international energy crisis. “It will lower energy bills, ensure energy security, boost growth and support the rural economy,” it said. The expansion of renewable energy is rather inevitable given the sharply rising costs of natural gas.