China asks food exporters for clean 'corona-proof' containers

Danish meat wholesaler Danish Crown is still in talks with the Chinese authorities about a possible resumption of Danish pork exports to China. These exports have been halted by order of China because covid-19 infections have occurred among personnel in the meat processing industry.

China says traces of corona have been found in packaging and shipments of imported food. The country's meat processing industry is calling on exporters to tighten up hygiene protocols before shipping products to China.

International organizations and several exporting countries, on the other hand, say that China has not provided any evidence or laboratory tests for those allegations.

China stepped up disinfection and virus testing on frozen foods after it found coronavirus on imported products and packaging. The measures have driven up costs, disrupted trade and irritated major exporters.

The semi-official trade association suggested that exporters in COVID-19-affected countries should disinfect the outer packaging of products and the inside of containers. The proposal came after some exporters, including JBS in Brazil, began taking measures, including extensive disinfection of products and storage sites, Gao said. Brazil recently received a warning from the Chinese to intensify disinfection.

JBS said in a statement that it implemented new protocols in July, including disinfecting storage areas and the insides of containers used for pre- and post-loading shipping.

“The Danish authorities are in a dialogue with China about the options for exporting to China,” said Jens Hansen, spokesperson for pig exporter Danish Crown. If it is a wish on the Chinese side to have shipments disinfected, we will find a way to do that. ”