Czechs dismantle Russian cyber espionage network

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

The Czech intelligence services claim to have discovered and rolled up a Russian espionage network. The campaign already took place last year, but was only now announced by the head of the Czech internal intelligence service (BIS).

The network had to carry out cyber attacks on targets in the Czech Republic and in partner countries. The Russian secret service FSB, with support from the Russian embassy in Prague, is said to have coordinated the activities of the espionage network.

The Czech news magazine Respekt had previously reported on the network. According to that magazine, the Russian agents established computer companies that served as a cover for the espionage activities. In addition, several suspects have acquired Czech nationality without any problems, Respekt says. Possibly there was corruption.

The Czechs say that the country is increasingly confronted with espionage activities from China. Beijing would try to persuade various policy makers, scientists and security staff to collect information.

A 2017 report from NUKIB, a Czech governmental body that oversees cyber crime, shows that Russians and Chinese are increasing their espionage activities in the Czech Republic.