Danish vets demonstrate against EU animal antibiotics rules


Danish veterinarians demonstrated in Copenhagen on Tuesday against the introduction of the new European rules for veterinary medicines. The literal compliance could lead to an increase in drug use in Northern Europe, they say.

The new EU regulation, which came into effect in Denmark on January 28, requires veterinarians to follow exactly the description in the package leaflet. According to them, the EU law was created to reduce antibiotic use in southern Europe. But in Northern Europe, where antibiotic consumption is already low, the new rules will lead to higher antibiotic use

Vet Karina Hou Larsen, one of the initiators of the demonstration, has presented a petition at the parliament building. She says politicians came to the square to receive the signatures. According to the vets, it had been known for a long time that the new EU regulation was imminent, but that only now the Danish Veterinary Service has drawn up regulations.

“This EU regulation was passed in 2018, but the Danish interpretation of the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration was finally ready only last week. And clearly not enough has been listened to in the EU to the objections we have expressed from Denmark”. “We want a dispensation. Otherwise, we as veterinarians have to walk on our toes every time," says Karina Hou Larsen.

She says the new rules could force vets to prescribe the drug one way, but in practice at the same time advise clients to administer it another way.