Emergency meeting NATO and EU on Turkish invasion of northern Syria

Photo: Frederic Köberl via Unsplash

The Foreign Ministers of the EU countries discuss Monday in Luxembourg & #8220; all aspects & #8221; of the crisis in Syria as a result of the Turkish military operation in Syria. The issue will also be discussed later in the week at the EU summit of government leaders in Brussels.

The 28 member states unexpectedly quickly adopted a & #8220; crystal clear & #8221; position. That means that Turkey must stop the action immediately and that there is only a political solution to the conflict in Syria. The Turkish action also threatens the fight against IS.

Turkish President Recep Erdogan wants the EU to swallow its criticism of the Turkish operation in Syria. If the EU labels the Turkish action as an occupation, he threatens to have Syrian refugees who are now in Turkey leave for Europe. An estimated 3.6 million Syrians who fled from the war live in their country in Turkey.

The Dutch cabinet will not rule out sanctions against Turkey following the invasion of northern Syria, said Sigrid Kaag in the Lower House. She does want this to happen in an alliance context.

The government can also agree with a call from the Chamber to convene the NATO council urgently about the action of NATO ally Turkey. Kaag (Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation) replaced Minister Stef Blok of Foreign Affairs, who is abroad, in the Chamber.

The Netherlands wants & #8220; currently & #8221; not yet suspend military cooperation with Turkey. The method is & #8220; step by step & #8221 ;, Kaag explained. She also doesn't want to go that far, because the situation is still unclear and can change quickly. Moreover, the position of all NATO partners is not yet clear.

Furthermore, the rules for arms exports to Turkey are being tightened somewhat. The export of military means to Turkey is already subject to very strict requirements.