EU warns of more cyber attacks on the introduction of 5G

Photo: Taskin Ashiq via Unsplash

In a risk analysis, the European Union warned of an increasing number of cyber attacks. In particular, these are attacks carried out with the support of a non-European country through equipment required for the 5G network.

The EU calls it & #8220; crucial & #8221; that risks for setting up new 5G networks are properly examined. & #8220; Among the possible attackers of 5G networks are mainly non-European countries and hackers who receive state aid, & #8221 ;, is stated in the statement.

In March this year, the European Commission decided that all countries should prepare a risk analysis with the potential threats and vulnerabilities to the new 5G network that will be rolled out in the first Member States from 2020.

The indirect reason for the investigation was the allegations of the US against Huawei, which would spy for the Chinese government. Proof of this has never been brought out and Huawei has always denied. In the report of the EU no specific countries or companies are mentioned.

In July, the Dutch Minister of Justice, Ferd Grapperhaus, already announced that Dutch telecom companies could use equipment from Huawei. Norway also indicated that Huawei will not be banned from installing this new network, which promises more speed and capacity.

The EU emphasizes the importance of setting up a secure 5G network. & #8220; This technology will form the backbone of our society and economy in the coming years. This is not just about the billions of devices that will be connected, but also our banks, energy supply and healthcare will work with it. It is essential that this sensitive information is not misused. & #8221;