France to refurbish outdated slaughterhouses with European support Europese

France will use 115 million euros from the large EU corona recovery fund for the refurbishment, modernization and expansion of slaughterhouses. There will also be more inspections for compliance with animal welfare and livestock transport.

The idea is to develop short chains, to stimulate the consumption of meat from French soil and to improve animal welfare, said Agriculture Minister Julien Denormandie.

France has an extensive network of more than 1,000 slaughterhouses. The primary aim is to improve working conditions in slaughterhouses. With this plan, the French government wants to actively contribute to the modernization of these slaughterhouses, according to the LAN network of the Dutch embassy in Paris.

123 projects across the country have been selected, including 44 projects for video surveillance systems and for the creation of a first mobile slaughterhouse called 'Le Boeuf Ethique'.

Because the abuses of a few should never put an entire profession in a bad light, the French minister this month warned all regional authorities to take stricter action in slaughterhouses when animal welfare requires it. Six slaughterhouses were closed last year. Four of them have been allowed to resume their activities after adjustments and two are still closed.

The modernization of the Tradival abattoir in Fleury-les-Aubrais in the Centre-Val de Loire region involves an additional EUR 2 million in support for a project worth more than EUR 10 million for the complete redevelopment of the site, increasing the capacity (pork production) and increasing export capacity (particularly for the Asian market).

The Keranna poultry slaughterhouse, a link in the development of the Breton broiler industry, will receive two million euros. This major investment aims to increase the factory's production capacity and competitiveness. It also creates 80 jobs.