Greens win Swiss elections; chance of coalition

Photo by Carol Jeng on Unsplash

Green parties made historic gains at the parliamentary elections in Switzerland yesterday at the expense of both the right wing and the left. The final results show that De Greens achieved 13% of the votes & #8211; almost half more than in 2015 and their best result ever.

In addition, the centrist liberal greens also increased their share of the vote to 7.9% from 4.6%. The right-wing People's Party remains the largest group in parliament, ahead of the left-wing social democrats. The leading right-wing Swiss People's Party and left-wing Social Democrats lost voter support & #8211; 3.6% and 2.2% & #8211, respectively; compared with 2015.

In general, the left and the center have gained ground, which in Bern provokes speculation about a possible reshuffle of the multi-party government. The seven-member coalition board currently consists of members of the most important four parties, but not of the Greens.

Swiss voters were concerned about climate issues and want the parliament to act accordingly, most Swiss media summarize the outcome. Environmental problems dominated campaigns in the run-up to Sunday's vote. In the past ten months, countless street protests have taken place throughout Switzerland demanding action against climate change.

The 'green' election result follows the earlier Greens' vote in the European elections, in parliamentary elections in Scandinavia and in regional elections in Germany.