Hungary freezes food prices for most commonly used foods

Hungary's government has decided to freeze the prices of six commonly used foodstuffs. This is intended to counteract the continued price increases due to inflation. Earlier, the Hungarian government already decided to reduce the VAT rate on many foodstuffs to 5 percent.

These are granulated sugar, wheat flour, sunflower oil, pork leg, cow's milk with 2.8% fat and chicken breast. Prices for the six basic foodstuffs may not be increased since the beginning of February. Until May 1, they may not be sold at a higher price than was the case on October 15, 2021. 

In addition, these goods must always be on the store shelf; Signs should be placed at the entrance of supermarkets to indicate the food price freeze. Compliance with this will be strictly controlled by the State Consumer Protection Authority.

“That way, customers can be sure that iedereen has access to their chosen food at a discounted price,” said Hungarian LNV State Secretary Feldman. According to him, the measure should not cause losses for Hungarian farmers and the food industry, as the costs should be borne by the retail sector. They have already made enough profit, he says. 

Last year Hungary came into conflict with the European Union when it wanted to force supermarkets to stop selling imported food, but only local and Hungarian products. This was not allowed on the grounds of 'market disruption', but the supermarkets did decide to promote national products more.