Wednesday 25 May 2022
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Ten wolf attacks a day in Germany; doubled in two years

The number of animals injured and killed by wolves in Germany increased by 37% last year to reach 3,959 animals. This means that the number of wolf attacks has almost doubled in just two years.

According to new data, there were 128 wolf packs, 39 wolf pairs and 9 individual wolves in Germany last year. The environmental officer of the German Farmers' Union (DBV) Eberhart Hartelt sharply criticized the growing wolf nuisance.

The states of Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Lower Saxony are particularly affected by wolves. Sheep are most often killed by wolves, 3,444 in 2020, followed by game (248), cattle (153) and goats (92). But 13 horses, 7 alpacas and 2 sheepdogs also fell victim to a wolf

The new figures will have a significant impact on grazing in Germany, the DBV expects. “The new statistics mark the end of grazing. The wolf population must finally be regulated. Otherwise keeping sheep, goats, horses and cattle in the pasture will become obsolete', Hartelt explains.

In Germany, the debate about the presence of wolves flares up regularly. CDU party leader Armin Laschet wants the European Union to lift the wolf hunting ban in agriculture to protect grazing livestock. In Switzerland, some cantons have recently issued hunting licenses for wolf hunting.

Two months ago in the Netherlands, former Queen Commissioner of Friesland Hans Wiegel (VVD) drove the first pile for a wolf fence on grass and arable land along the Drents-Friese Wold nature reserve. Five farmers are making their land available for the pilot. The fence will be approximately 3 kilometers long.

The 1.5 meter high fence made of heavy sheep wire is made in such a way that other game such as rabbits and deer can pass through or over it. A rabbit grid at the top of the fence is to prevent roe deer from getting entangled with their legs when they jump over the fence.


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