Sunday, February 5, 2023
Home International The Netherlands stops aid to Turkey; also asks for EU ban

The Netherlands stops aid to Turkey; also asks for EU ban

The Netherlands no longer authorizes arms exports to Turkey as long as the military operation in Northeast Syria continues. Up to now, the Netherlands mainly supplied parts of weapons but also stops there. Last year the Netherlands exported 29 million euros worth of weapons to Turkey.

At a scheduled EU meeting on Monday, the Netherlands will ask other countries to also stop supplying weapons to Turkey. Minister Blok (Foreign Affairs) speaks to his EU colleague & #8217; Monday in Luxembourg about the situation in Turkey and Syria.

Earlier, Dutch Foreign Minister Sigrid Kaag said that five applications from Turkey had already been rejected last year. Kaag said at the time that he was 'not in favor' of a unilateral arms embargo, but in the meantime fdat has become the official Dutch position.

Minister Blok initially did not intend to travel to the ministerial meeting in Luxembourg on Monday. He would initially go to India, where the Dutch Royal couple makes a state visit.

Yesterday, Finland also announced that it would stop supplying weapons to Turkey.


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