NATO countries send more weapons and troops to border with Russia

US President Joe Biden said last week that he will "soon" send a small number of military personnel to Eastern European countries and NATO allies. The US Department of Defense has already placed 8,500 US military personnel on readiness for deployment to Eastern Europe.

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are sending anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine, and the Czech Republic artillery shells. The three Baltic countries, formerly under Soviet rule, said in a statement they would send US Javelin and Stinger missiles, after receiving approval from Washington. Estonia will supply Javelin anti-tank missiles and Latvia and Lithuania Stinger anti-aircraft missiles. 

The United Kingdom is preparing for a “major” military deployment in Europe. The country is considering offering a large number of troops, weapons, warships and aircraft to NATO. Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to send a "clear message" to the Kremlin.

This is a doubling of the approximately 1,150 British troops already present in Eastern European countries. But also “defensive weapons” that can be sent to Estonia. Britain's aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales is also on standby to deploy "within hours" should tensions mount further, the prime minister's office said.

The Czech Republic will provide artillery shells, Defense Minister Jana Cernochova said. The government has yet to approve the decision. Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky accused Russia of "blackmail tactics" against Ukraine. They are preparing for the 'worst possible scenario' and are ready to support further sanctions against Moscow. Both leaders expressed hope for a peaceful solution to the crisis.