Wednesday, December 7, 2022
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The Netherlands does not want to lower the protected status of the wolves

The Netherlands will not support proposals to lower the protected status of the wolf into a category in the international Bern Convention...

European Parliament wants lower protected status for wolves

Wolves in the European Union should be less protected. That is the opinion of a majority of the European Parliament. It is the first time...

Fewer dairy cows in most EU dairy countries; not in the Netherlands

The number of dairy cows in the European Union decreased again last year. The livestock has been declining continuously for six years. According to...

EU countries want wolf hunting again to protect grazing livestock

European Environment Commissioner Virginius Sinkevicius believes that wolves and agriculture should coexist. He doesn't think that hunting wolves...

European Parliament agrees on Monday with more renewable energy

The European Parliament is expected to adopt a new EU renewable energy directive in Strasbourg on Monday. With the rising energy bills...

European Parliament: investments in nuclear energy and natural gas 'sustainable'

Nuclear energy and natural gas can also be seen as green forms of energy in the European Union. Last week, the European Parliament approved...

Kyriakides still puts less fertilizer in farm-to-fork on EU agenda

EU health commissioner Stella Kyriakides has finally put farm-to-table laws on the agenda of next Wednesday's weekly commissioners meeting.

German poultry wants a European ban on killing chicks quickly

The chairman of the German poultry industry believes that European rules against the killing of male chicks should be introduced as soon as possible.

EU agricultural chief Wojciechowski gives NSPs another three weeks

EU Commissioner Wojciechowski gave his first assessment last week of the national strategic plans of 19 EU countries, including the Netherlands.

Agriculture committee again rejects 'quarter organic' food vision

European Health Commissions Stella Kyriakides say the implementation of the farm-to-fork food strategy is 'on pause', but that ambition remains unchanged....


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