Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Brussels threatens EU countries with fines for lax approach to environmental pollution

The European Commission is threatening to take six EU countries to the highest EU court because they do not do enough about soil and air pollution.

UN cooperates in easing Russian fertilizer exports

European authorities and some Ukrainian neighboring countries have pledged another billion euros in support for the expansion and improvement of Ukraine's export corridors...

Russian fertilizer from the port of Rotterdam still going to Africa

A cargo of fertilizer that has been detained for months in the port of Rotterdam due to Western sanctions against Russia can still be shipped...

Spain wants more bio-security against ASF on pig farms

Spain believes that biosecurity measures in livestock and agriculture should be tightened up. According to Spanish Agriculture Minister Luis Planas,…

Food prices in European countries more than 10% more expensive in one year

Food in the countries of the European Union has become 10.3 percent more expensive last year. According to current figures from Eurostat, ...

Kyriakides still puts less fertilizer in farm-to-fork on EU agenda

EU health commissioner Stella Kyriakides has finally put farm-to-table laws on the agenda of next Wednesday's weekly commissioners meeting.

EuroChem in Antwerp can start producing fertilizer again

Fertilizer manufacturer EuroChem in Antwerp has received permission from administrators to partially resume production. Until recently, the company was...

Austrian fertilizer group not sold to Russian tycoon after all

Austrian chemical and fertilizer company Borealis has decided to reject the takeover offer from Russian billionaire Andrei Melnishenko. The wealthy...

European farmers now want to grow grain on all free fields

European Agriculture Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski and a group of European experts have drafted an agri-action package against the possible consequences of...

NATO countries send more weapons and troops to border with Russia

US President Joe Biden said last week that he would "soon" send a small number of military personnel to Eastern European countries and NATO allies.


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