Sunday 22 May 2022
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G7 and EU try to keep Ukraine export routes open

The seven richest western industrialized countries and the European Union want to ensure that Ukraine remains a major grain exporter despite the Russian invasion.

Germany wants G7 help to keep Ukrainian ports open

German agriculture minister Cem Özdemir wants to engage the seven rich western industrialized countries (G7) to boost the export of Ukrainian grain.

EU further isolates Russia with boycott of gas and oil exports

The European Union has launched a boycott against Russian oil exports and banned the largest Russian Sberbank from international payments. there...

'Agriculture without fertilizers becomes a rescue for organic farmers'

European Agriculture Commissioner Janus Wojciechowski says that for most small and medium-sized farms a switch to organic farming can sometimes be…

European Union will withhold Hungarian subsidies; Poland not yet

For the first time, the European Union has initiated a procedure to cut Hungary from European benefits. Brussels finds...

First export of Ukrainian grain via Romanian port Constanta

Ukraine has started exporting grain through the Romanian Black Sea port of Constanta. On Thursday, a first ship with 71,000...

Russian gas company shuts down 13 Polish border villages; also affects De Heus

As a result of the sanctions imposed on a Russian gas company belonging to the Russian energy group OAO Novatek, since yesterday...

International Grains Council (IGC) threatens to boycott Russia

The International Grains Council (IGC) has strongly condemned Russia's war against Ukraine and expressed solidarity with Ukraine. The independent...

Poland is allowed to grant farmers a subsidy from EU for the purchase of fertilizer

Poland is the first EU country to receive approval from the European Competition Authorities for direct state aid for the purchase of fertilizer....

German poultry wants a European ban on killing chicks quickly

The chairman of the German poultry industry believes that European rules against the killing of male chicks should be introduced as soon as possible.


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