Sunday 22 May 2022
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G7 and EU try to keep Ukraine export routes open

The seven richest western industrialized countries and the European Union want to ensure that Ukraine remains a major grain exporter despite the Russian invasion.

Germany wants G7 help to keep Ukrainian ports open

German agriculture minister Cem Özdemir wants to engage the seven rich western industrialized countries (G7) to boost the export of Ukrainian grain.

First export of Ukrainian grain via Romanian port Constanta

Ukraine has started exporting grain through the Romanian Black Sea port of Constanta. On Thursday, a first ship with 71,000...

International Grains Council (IGC) threatens to boycott Russia

The International Grains Council (IGC) has strongly condemned Russia's war against Ukraine and expressed solidarity with Ukraine. The independent...

Ukrainian grain export via Polish trains and ports hardly succeeds

The Ukrainian Ministry of Agriculture has revised forecast export figures for maize and wheat further downwards. The intended transports across...

Wojciechowski looking for extra EU subsidy for European farmers

European Agriculture Commissioner Wojciechowski expects 'soon' EU decisions on more financial support for agriculture, in addition to the emergency aid and state aid promised earlier.

European Parliament wants everything to stop Putin's advance and war

With more than two million refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine to EU countries, these countries will have to continue to show their solidarity,…

Agriculture chief: EU agriculture also affected by war in Ukraine

European Agriculture Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski calls it essential to exclude Russia from international trade. As a sanction against...

EU countries want country of origin on food labels

Fourteen EU countries want new European labels for all food items stating the origin of the ingredients. With that...

Still no punishment in EU countries after fraud with agricultural subsidies

The European Union still cannot prevent the abuse of EU agricultural subsidies. Some countries refuse to provide access to…


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