Sunday 22 May 2022
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European Parliament Environment Committee wants stricter criteria in Climate Act

The European Parliament's Environment Committee has voted by a narrow majority on a number of important proposals aimed at ensuring that the...

German poultry wants a European ban on killing chicks quickly

The chairman of the German poultry industry believes that European rules against the killing of male chicks should be introduced as soon as possible.

Wojciechowski looking for extra EU subsidy for European farmers

European Agriculture Commissioner Wojciechowski expects 'soon' EU decisions on more financial support for agriculture, in addition to the emergency aid and state aid promised earlier.

Angry Spanish peasants march through Madrid in large demonstration

More than 150,000 Spanish farmers, ranchers, hunters and rural people demonstrated in Madrid on Sunday afternoon against rising prices for fuel and raw materials,...

EU countries want country of origin on food labels

Fourteen EU countries want new European labels for all food items stating the origin of the ingredients. With that...

Germany tries to avert nitrate fine at the last minute

Last week, at the very last minute, Germany submitted a new Nitrate Regulation to the European Commission. The deadline expired on Friday...

European Union organic farming turnover more than doubled in ten years

The organic market in the European Union continues to grow. In 2020, turnover increased by 15 percent to 44.8 billion euros.

Spain and Portugal ask for extra support for rural drought

The agriculture ministers of Spain and Portugal have asked the European Commission for additional financial support for the ongoing…

EU countries, ministers and politicians still disagree about support for the pig industry

Danish pig farmers resist calls to the European Commission for market intervention in the pig industry. Danish pig farmers are afraid that...

EU countries are in a hurry with rules for agricultural money for carbon farmers

The Agriculture Ministers of the EU countries believe that the European Commission should speed up the drafting of laws and regulations for...


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