Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Adema comes with extra millions for switching to organic farming

In anticipation of the Agricultural Agreement that Minister Piet Adema wants to draw up next year, he has already set aside 26 million euros for the next two years to stimulate organic agriculture. That money comes from the large transition fund of Minister Van der Wall. 

With the Organic Action Plan that Adema presented this week, LNV will work together with the agricultural sector, food industry and supermarkets to promote organic production and consumption.

Suppliers, processors, supermarkets and banks play a major role in determining sales and prices. Agreements will be made in the Agricultural Agreement that should lead to a growth in turnover and a better price for the farmer.

The investment fund is part of the Transition Program for Sustainable Agriculture, which also includes other subsidies that farmers can use. In addition, existing organic farmers and farmers who are converting can receive compensation within the framework of the National Strategic Plan (NSP), which consists of European funds for the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

The Netherlands has the ambition that within eight years 15% of the agricultural area will be used for organic agriculture. LNV is therefore also extending the investment fund with which farmers can now more easily obtain financing for the switch to organic agriculture.

Minister Piet Adema says that the market for organic agriculture is still small and the switching costs are still high. Organic must become a more attractive choice, with a better price for both consumers and farmers.

A team of LNV, the sector and other interested parties will try to increase the sales of organic products. LNV also supports an awareness campaign for consumers about organic products.


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