Friday, November 27, 2020
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British first go to the polls in December; Brexit on the longer track

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the British Government of Conservatives, is prepared to meet the opposition to receive support for the holding of early elections. Sources around the cabinet say that the date of 11 December is also acceptable to the government as an election date.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson wanted to hold elections earlier on December 12. The two smaller opposition parties SNP and LibDem also want elections, but proposed December 9. The British House of Commons will consider proposals to hold elections on Tuesday afternoon. Such a proposal from the parliament needs the support of a simple majority of parliamentarians.

The opposition does not want on December 12 because they fear that in the remaining days Johnson will still try to push his brexit deal through the parliament at the last minute. As a result, a difference in the election date of a few days can have major consequences.

The leader of Labor, the largest British opposition party, is now also supporting early elections. Jeremy Corbyn said that Johnson and the Conservatives have provisionally met his demand that no uncontrolled departure from the EU should come, but an out-negotiated departure arrangement.

In his statement, Corbyn does not literally say whether he will support Johnson's law in its current form, whether he will submit proposals for change himself, or whether he will support the proposal of the SNP and LibDems. He does, however, announce an & #8220; ambitious and radical campaign for real change & #8221; On. Clarity about this will only arise at the end of the debate in the Lower House, at the end of the evening.

According to the latest opinion polls, the Conservative Party is still in the lead, although it is now unclear whether the Brexit postponement will be blamed for Johnson and the radical anti-EU Brexit party will take away dissatisfied voters from the Tories. The pro-EU parties SNP, LibDems, Remain and Greens who argue in favor of staying in the EU, are on a slight profit and maintain their middle position.

The prospects are particularly unclear for Labor: not only party management and executives but also the loyal Labor supporters are divided on whether or not to withdraw from the EU. Corbyn may now have the opportunity to argue for his (previously presented, but snowed-down) proposal for a partial British departure from the EU, whereby economy and trade in particular would remain connected to the European continent. But there are also Labor politicians who openly argue for the replacement of Corbyn.

The lower house must be dissolved at least 25 working days before a national election. So that should happen next Friday if the elections are held on 9 December. In elections on December 12, parliamentarians only have to be sent home on November 6, but the LibDems and SNP do not want that.


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