Chahim (PvdA) happy with support for call to end animal testing

EP Plenary session - Presentation of the program of activities of the Slovenian Presidency

There must be a EU action plan to end the use of animal testing in Europe as soon as possible and in a safe way. A large majority of the European Parliament called for this in a resolution that was co-drafted by the Dutch MEP Mohammed Chahim (PvdA).

Nearly ten million animal experiments are performed annually in Europe for scientific research and research into medicines. The Netherlands is in seventh place among large users of laboratory animals. And although there are more and more animal testing models on the market, according to Chahim, the decrease in animal use is not going fast enough.

“We know that drugs that appear safe and effective in animal studies can fail in humans. And there are also drugs that could help people, but they are thrown away because they fail in animal testing. Other testing methods – without the use of animals – can yield results that are more reliable,” said the PvdA member.

“Nobody wants animals to be used in laboratories, not even for scientific purposes. But we also know that you cannot stop animal testing overnight. However, now that good alternatives are available, it is time for action. Europe must become a frontrunner in animal testing free research.”

MEP Anja Hazekamp (Party for the Animals) is also happy with the broad support for the resolution. “Every year, 22 million animals are used and abused in European laboratories, while the EU has promised to reduce that number for 30 years. Action is needed with concrete goals to get rid of this huge number of animal experiments," says Hazekamp.