German animal shelters are overcrowded; fear for animal welfare


The German animal shelters are so overcrowded that they have had to stop admissions and have no money for maintenance or expansion. Animal protection is concerned about animal welfare in shelters. The situation is considered dramatic by both government officials and animal welfare organizations.

The cause is referred to the corona period, when many people adopted a pet to combat loneliness and isolation, but apparently no longer feel the need for one.

Many shelters have already exceeded their capacity limits and can no longer accept new animals, except in emergencies. There is a lack of financial resources for maintenance, expansion and improvement of facilities. This has a negative impact on the well-being of the animals staying there, it is stated.

The dramatic situation is emphasized by the fact that many shelters are no longer able to accommodate new animals due to overcrowding. This not only places extra pressure on already overburdened facilities, but also has serious consequences for the welfare of the animals.

To alleviate the situation, more financial support is needed from both government agencies and private donors. This money is needed to improve housing, provide medical care and food, and hire more staff to care for the animals.

It also advocates encouraging adoptions and promoting responsible pet ownership. This allows animal shelters to free up space for new animals in need. However, this would require a coordinated effort from government agencies, animal welfare organizations and the general public.

In addition, it is emphasized that preventive measures must be taken to reduce the number of stray animals. This includes promoting spay and neuter programs, providing educational resources on responsible pet ownership, and addressing the causes of animal neglect and abuse.